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Players who have an idea of how to build Pyramid Solitaire up and possess a sufficient experience in this field, can also try to cope with this uneasy task in the strictly limited time mode. A player has only three minutes to make pairs from all the cards presented on the playing area. Moreover, the option of repeated draws of the cards from the stock is absent in this version of popular solitaire. Yes, the rules are tough – for professionals only.

28 cards form the main layout in a form of a 7 row pyramid with a 7 cart foundation are to be removed from the playing field. In order to reach this goal, a player has to find a pair for each uncovered by the lower row card, so that each pair has value of 13 scores. An Ace has 1 score, a King- 13, a Queen – 12, a Jack – 11. All the other cards have value coinciding with their nominal. Pairs can be made from the cards of the main layout or from the stock, which is available at a user’s disposal. Cards from the stock are exposed by one in a step-by-step mode.

Having completed the arrangement of a pyramid within the time limit, a player is considered won. If the goal is not achieved, a player can see how many scores he gains for pairs, which he managed to make in solitaire.
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