Pyramid solitaire is the best representation of solitaire card games, which are so nice to be played in a relaxed, leisured and comfortable atmosphere of calm and peaceful night-ins. Logic tasks lovers and mathematical puzzles amateurs will definitely appreciate this thought-provoking and challenging card game. Of course, this type of solitaires does not presuppose a player to make super difficult calculations and reckonings, but nevertheless, a player will have to apply certain arithmetical efforts.

Though this variation of card games is a bit less popular than Klondike, FreeCell or Spider solitaires, many users will surely fall in love with it and spend many happy minutes (or even hours) playing Pyramid Solitaire. A dynamic gameplay, restricted by the time limit, well-designed graphics of this online game and free variations for your browser are the features that make Pyramid solitaire so attractive and special for those who really love card games.


Rules of the Pyramid Solitaire

The object. A player is to remove all the cards, arranged in a form of a pyramid, consisting of a 7-card foundation and 7 rows(28 cards in total),from the playing area following the next requirements:

  • Cards are matched in pairs, so that the total amount of scores they add up to is 13. Value of numeric cards is equal its digit quantity; value of the other cards is: a King – 13, a Queen – 12, a Jack – 11, an Ace – 1.
  • Pairs are made of cards taken from the pyramid itself or from an stock. A King is removed alone as its value coincides with the necessary amount of scores.
  • Cards from the pyramid can only be used if they are not covered with the cards beneath. An exclusion is such a combination where one of the necessary cards is covered with its matching pair.

Recommendations. It is advisable to deal the stock provided all possible combinations from the main layout are exhausted.

Modifications. Different variations of Pyramid Solitaire are based on a dissimilar approach to the amount of possible uses of a stock: from one time only till endless. But even if a player is allowed to draw additional cards from the stock many times, he will face some difficulties trying to set up a spontaneously arranged Pyramid.

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