Privacy Policy

We are fully aware of the big importance of the users’ personal data and exert best efforts for the purpose of its confidentiality in accordance with generally accepted over the Internet rules and regulations.

Data Gathering

When visiting websites and pages, so-called cookie-files get saved on a user’s computer. These files contain an insignificant volume of information about a user, strictly without identifying a person in future. Cookies can store data, concerning the land of a user, time when web-portal was seen, a link, which was followed to go to the site and so on.

If you want to increase the level of security and confidentiality, you can always deactivate these cookie-files in the settings of your browser this will not influence the site performance.

Data Utilization

The information mentioned above can be used by the site’s partners, in particular by the Google corporation advertising network to provide a user with classified ads. Our partners follow their own rules and terms of privacy policy.

Abdication of Responsibility

The site’s administration is not responsible for the third parties’ and sites’ actions in the Internet global web.

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