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Giza Solitaire online game will bring joy to all the fans of interactive solitaires by some deviation the classical canons and at the same time the game will check your reaction and mental processing.

This version of solitaire is set up against the background of ancient Egyptian Pyramids, hot landscape and charming melody. Cards shuffled on the tableau are to be removed from the playing field by matching them into pairs within a specified time limit. Pairs are matched on the principle of totaling 13 scores. In other words, two cards from the main layout or a pair made from a main layout and a stock must add up to 13 scores when their nominals are combined. Cards with numeric value do not change their nominals, while cards with pictures have the following values: An Ace – 1, a King – 13, a Queen – 12, a Jack – 11. Due to a King has a nominal equal to required, it is removed alone without a pair matching.

Like a classical Pyramid Solitaire, Giza’s main layout has a triangular form consisting of 7 rows, a 7-card foundation and 1-card peak. Cards are made in pairs provided they are not blocked by the cards from the lower row.

A distinguishing feature of Giza Solitaire is a peculiar layout of a stack. Unlike the classical Pyramid Solitaire, the entire stock in Giza is drawn vertically in 8 rows at once and used as and when necessitated. Only upturned cards can be taken from this deck, and movements are not allowed inside this stock.

If the pyramid is set up in compliance of all the rules, a user is considered won.
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